Huawei issues gentle warning to employees after public complaint from HR staff member

China’s tech giant Huawei on Tuesday issued a gentle warning to its employees, instructing them to maintain a positive working ethic after a public complaint from one of its human resources (HR) staff members drew widespread attention online.

Taiwan firms welcomed to mainland’s 5G drive

Allowing Taiwan-funded companies to participate in the Chinese mainland’s 5G development will inject fresh impetus to Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and bring opportunities to both as the two are highly complementary in the semiconductor industry, experts said.

Jet design rules intensify for all following Boeing crashes

Planemakers worldwide face tougher scrutiny and changes in the way aircraft are certified in the aftermath of two fatal crashes of Boeing 737 MAX jets, leading regulators said.

Smart parking lot does away with need for attendants

A car moves into an unmanned parking lot in Changzhou, East China’s Jiangsu Province on Sunday. The parking lot is managed remotely via a smart city system through security monitoring, smart identification and electronic payment. When a car leaves the parking lot, the driver can use a phone to scan the code on a self-service payment machine and pay the bill through WeChat. Photo: VCG

HKEX eclipses US stock exchanges with more mainland IPOs

The Hong Kong stock exchange has seen IPOs rebound since September, eclipsing US stock exchanges, as more companies from the Chinese mainland turn to Hong Kong amid the China-US trade war.

IPO prospectus reveals profitability of Chinese railway operators

Profitability figures for China’s railway operator have been released for the first time as part of an IPO prospectus, and the documents show that two-thirds of the group’s units are operating in the red.