Human trafficking victims marvel at fast eradicating of people smuggling in China

The tragic 39 Essex truck deaths put stowaway groups at the epicenter of global attention. Smuggling abroad once was a popular phenomenon for some Chinese, especially in villages of coastal areas such as Fujian and Zhejiang provinces during the 1980s and 1990s. Since China's economy continued to boom in the 2000s and the Chinese government tightened border regulations, the number of people smuggled across the border has slumped. More and more of the early overseas Chinese smuggled out choose to return home to invest and start their own businesses in China.

Beijing’s uphill battle against smog useful for Delhi to study: scholar

China's remarkable achievements in reducing and managing air pollution could be educational for India, Chinese environmental scholars told the Global Times on Monday after the densely populated capital of the South Asian nation declared smog alerts this week.

Complete trainer aircraft set incubator of J-20 pilots: experts

China's full set of domestically developed basic, intermediate and advanced trainer jets put on their first joint flight performance on Saturday, showcasing the Chinese military's capability to constantly develop pilots for the country's advanced warplanes including the J-20, experts said on Sunday.

HKEX chief firmly believes in “one country, two systems,” denies report

The head of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Friday denied media reports that he said the

China denies suggesting China-US deal signing in Macao

Reports that China suggested it would hold a summit for heads of states in Macao, where a Phase One trade deal would be signed, are “purely speculative,” according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang at a press conference on Friday.

Precious persimmon’s popularity causes problems

A job posting went viral on the internet after a company offered a salary of 1,000 yuan ($142) a day for a persimmon picker who is good at climbing trees.