朝鲜成功试射新型巡航导弹 射程1500公里


Hello, I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC News.

North Korea says two cruise missiles tested over the weekend successfully hit their targets more than 1,500 kilometers away. According to state media, the missiles were of a new type anda strategic weapon of great significance. The United States military said the latest tests highlighted the threat posed by North Korea to its neighbors and the wider world. Laura Bicker has more details. It is a cruise missile, so it is not a ballistic missile. It's kind of like an airplane. So, it flies low, and it flies fast. But it's not a ballistic weaponin terms ofa nuclear weapon. But I think what it proves to the international community is the fact that this is a brand-new weapon, and it comes just a month after satellite images show that their main nuclear plant is back up and running. North Korea called this a strategic weapon. Now that means, usually, intents to put in nuclear warhead on it. What we don't know is if North Korea has the capability to miniaturize a warhead to put on a cruise missile.

The campaign group Global Witness says more than 220 environmentalist activists were murdered last year, a record number. Claire Marshall reports. A third of the murders were linked to resource exploitation, logging, mining, large scale agribusiness, and another third targeted indigenous people, most often on the front line of climate change. Columbia had the highest number of recorded attacks with 65 people killed last year. A senior campaigner for Global Witness, Chris Madden, called on governments to, in his words, get serious about protecting defenders, and business must start putting people and planet before profit.

The world's biggest trial of a blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer before symptoms appear is starting in Britain. Here's Dominic Hughes. The new blood testaims todetect cancers that are hard to identify in their early stages, including those of the head and neck, bowel, lung, pancreas, and throat. It works by spotting chemical changes in fragments of genetic code that leak from tumors into the bloodstream. An NHS England trial getting underway today would take blood samples from thousands of volunteers froma variety ofbackgrounds and ethnicities with a follow up in 12 months' time, and again in 2 years. The aim is to catch cancers early, which gives patients a much better chance of survival. Researchers say, if the promise of this sample test is fulfilled, it could mark the beginning of a revolution in cancer treatment.

Amnesty International says attacks by Islamic militants in western Niger have worsened significantly since the start of the year with children increasingly targeted. Amnesty says one Jihadist group has intensified its efforts to recruit boys into its ranks. Hundreds of schools in the Tillaberi region have been closed as a result.

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世界上最大的血液检测试验在英国开始,该试验可以在症状出现前检测出50多种癌症。请听多米尼克·休斯的报道。这项新血液检测旨在检测早期难以识别的癌症,包括头颈部、肠道、肺部、胰腺、喉部的癌症。其工作原理是寻找从肿瘤泄露到血液中的遗传密码片段的化学成分变化。今天英国国家医疗服务体系正在进行的这项试验,将从来自不同背景和种族的数千名志愿者中提取血液样本,并在12 个月内和2年内再次进行随访。这项检测目的是尽早发现癌症,从而提高患者的生存几率。研究人员表示,如果这项样本测试能够获得成功,它可能标志着癌症治疗革命的开始。