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Argentina has been plunged into mourning by the death of arguably its most famous son, the football Legend, Diego Maradona. People have come out onto the streets to express their grief at the loss of the star, whose sublime performances secured victory in the 1986 World Cup. President Alberto Fernandez has declared three days of national mourning, saying Maradona had taken Argentina to the top of the world. His popularity and influence spread right across the continent, as the BBC's Tim Vickery explains. Maradona is perhaps the most perfect encapsulation of the history of south American football. The game is introduced by the British. Especially, it's reinterpreted by the locals, ideal for those of a low center of gravity. And that reinterpretation leads to international triumphs and international recognition for a region of the world that is starved of those things. So Maradona, a mixture of Italian immigrants and indigenous, born on the wrong side of the tracks. It's a story that it's so easy for other South Americans to relate to.


President Trump has granted a full pardon to his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. General Flynn served three weeks in office at the start of the Trump administration before pleading guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation into Russian election interference. Nomia Iqbal is in Washington. Michael Flynn's legal troubles began during the 2016 presidential transition. He had conversations with then Russian ambassador about sanctions and then lied about those contacts and interviews with the FBI. He later admitted what he done is possible a plea deal with the special counsel, Robert Mueller, who investigated claims of Russian influence on Mr. Trump's election victory. Earlier this year, after delays in his sentencing, Flynn and his new legal team had been trying to withdraw his guilty plea.


President-elect Joe Biden has used a televised address on the eve of Thanksgiving to urge Americans to recommit to the fight against coronavirus. Mr. Biden said a grim season of division would give way to light and unity, and he urged people to refrain from high risk holiday activities as cases of the virus continued to surge in the US. This year, asking Americans to forego so many of the traditions that we've long made this holiday, which made it so special. For our families, we get a tradition of traveling over Thanksgiving. But this year will be staying at home. We've always had a big family gathers Thanksgiving, Kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters. But this year, we care so much for each other. We're gonna be having a separate Thanksgiving.


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