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The US President-elect Joe Biden has introduced key nominees to his cabinet, saying it would be a team to reunite America and re-establish its global and moral leadership. He said his team would use its experience of working with partners to keep America safe, control the global pandemic and address climate change. Nomia Iqbal reports. Socially distanced on a stage in his home state, Joe Biden introduced key members of the team he'll be taking into the White House. His nominee for Secretary of State Tony Blinken said the US needed to proceed with both humility and confidence on the world stage. Avril Haines, who Mr. Biden has chosen to be the first woman Director of National Intelligence, promise to speak the truth to him, even when it was inconvenient and difficult. The former Secretary of State John Kerry has been chosen as climate envoy, a role that does not require Senate confirmation.


Mr. Biden has said he does not want to see a guarded border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as a result of Brexit. The British government had put forward legislation that could break a commitment to avoid a physical customs border in Ireland. Mr. Biden said it had taken a lot of hard work to reach a settlement there. We work too hard to get Ireland worked out. And I've talked with the British Prime Minister, I've talked with the Taoiseach, I've talked with others and talk to the French. The idea of having the border north and south once again being closed, it's just not right. We just gotta keep the border open.


Azerbaijan says its army has entered the second of three districts to be handed back by Armenia under the deal that ended the war over Nagorno Karabakh. The handover of Kalbajar was laid by 10 days to give ethnic Armenians more time to move out. Thousands have left taking everything they can carry. Some set fire to their homes before leaving.


British leaders have agreed to allow up to three households to meet for Christmas. In a joint statement, the Prime Minister and the First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales said a normal Christmas wouldn't be possible with the coronavirus.


In France, President Macron has announced a slight relaxation of the country's second coronavirus lockdown, saying the peak had passed. On the 15th of December, if we have reached around 5,000 contamination per day and around 2.5 to 3 thousand people in intensive care, we will then reach a new milestone. Then the lockdown can be lifted. We will have to limit unnecessary travel as much as possible. But I appeal to your sense of responsibility, this will certainly not be a Christmas holiday like any other.


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