Hello, I'm Neil nunes with the BBC News. Donald Trump's supreme court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, has faced hours of hostile questioning from Democrats on the second day of her confirmation hearings in the US Senate. Lebal Decical is in Washington. The Democrats really kept pushing the same questions about abortion, about the Affordable Care Act, also, a couple of questions about what judge Coney Barrett might do if she was on the supreme court and she was asked about postponing the election. Now she kept saying that she was not going to give any idea what she might do with cases that might come up in front of her. Democrats must have known that she was going to say this. So my sense is that they really wanted to show Americans, look, this is what she won't answer, this is the kind of thing that we are worried about.

大家好,我是尼尔·努内斯,欢迎收听BBC 新闻。唐纳德·特朗普提名的最高法院大法官艾米·科尼·巴雷特在美国参议院确认听证会的第二天遭到了民主党人长达数小时的敌意质询。请听莱宝·迪塞科在华盛顿的报道。民主党人一直在追问同样的问题,比如堕胎问题,《平价医疗法案》,如果科尼·巴雷特法官在最高法院任职她会怎么做,还有人问她推迟选举的事情。她一直表示,对于在她上任之后发生的情况,她不会给出任何看法。民主党人一定知道她会这么说。所以我的感觉他们真的想告诉美国人,看,这就是她不会回答的问题,这就是我们所担心的事情。

Countries across Europe are tightening coronavirus restrictions following a sharp rise in cases across the continent. A new three tier system has come into force in England, which divides the country into medium, high, and very high risk areas. The Czech Republic is closing schools, bars, and clubs for three weeks. The Netherlands has announced a partial lockdown for the next four weeks and made wearing a mask compulsory in public indoor spaces. Anna Holligan is in the Hague. From Wednesday at 10 pm, bars and restaurants across the country will be closed for at least four weeks after a fortnight. The Dutch government will look at the impact of these latest measures to determine whether or not they need to go even further. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that there wouldn't be any changes at all to education because it was considered too important. In terms of public transport, people are being asked to make essential journeys only. People who can work from home are being asked to do so.


The World Bank says it has approved funding of $12 billion for developing countries to buy and distribute coronavirus vaccines, tests, and treatments. It said the money was aimed at supporting the vaccination of a billion people.


Twitter has suspended a number of fake accounts which purported to be run by black supporters of Donald Trump. They are thought to have attracted more than a quarter of a million retweets or mentions on Twitter before they were suspended.


Italian police say a 39-year-old woman has been arrested in Milan in connection with the Vatican's latest financial scandal. Cecilia Marogna worked for Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a senior vatican official, who was fired last month and accused of embezzlement and nepotism, allegations he denies. Ms. Marogna said she had been paid more than half a million dollars by the cardinal to work as an international mediator for the Roman Catholic Church.


Commemorations have been held in Chile on the 10th anniversary of the dramatic rescue of 33 miners from a collapsed copper mine. The miners were trapped 700 meters below ground for 69 days. The miners' leader Louise praised President Sebastian Pinera for the rescue operation. World news from the BBC.