The challenge is to treat everyone involved in that call neutrally and not have any predisposed thoughts or... In her film Women In Blue Data Official Chronicles, some of the challenges female police officers face as they help train fellow officers against excessive use of force in the male dominated Minneapolis police department. Officer Alice White is one of the trainers. We interact with people who are rapists, murderers. It's sometimes hard to show respect to someone like that. So in my mind I had to switch this to professionalism. As long as you're being professional,you’re gonna look respectful. The film echoes findings won as early as the 1970s, by the national police foundation that female police officers act less aggressively and believe in using less aggression than their male counterparts. I just knew that I wanted to make a film exploring what women could bring in a very troubled time that our country has had with police violence. Hi, do you know why I'm stopping you? You can calm down.I see you’re shaking. Just relax, relax, it's all good. You can see in that traffic stop that that man that was stopped by us, had someone who was nurturing and had his well-being at the top and not some law enforcement. But the film also shows, women remaining sidelined making up only 16 percent of the Minneapolis police department.


The chief has selected no women for his executive team. I have a great deal of respect for chief Rondo, but the thing that hurt me the most was the fact that in a profession dominated by male voices, they're losing any female perspective. In Seattle police chief Carmen Best says her departments recruitment ads are designed to attract more women to the force. We want to show more women.We want to show women in diverse positions. We want to make sure that it's not always car chases and gunfights and repelling off buildings. A lot of what we do has nothing to do with uh brawn, as a lot more to do with brain and skill sets and the ability to um to empathize and to work with people. It's not just that we need more women but we need a lot more women of color. I think that's where our police departments could potentially transform. I got assigned to become a sergeant and then fourth president. Her film shows only a few African-American female officers like Alice White rising through the ranks. It's important for the black community to see women who look like me in this role. Chief Best relates her own experience rising through the ranks. Some folks while super supportive. Others were not maybe you know and there was always working through that. My resolve was you know that's their problem not mine. I'm here to do my job.I'm going to do it to the best of my ability. And I really believe that as you move up,you have to lift up and bring others along with you. Penelope VOA News Washington